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Oct 31, 2008
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Newby looking for answers. I have made four batches of blackberry wine this past fall. I looked back on my records to see what the starting S.G. was and they are all different. I am about ready to make a new batch and am wondering , "Is there an ideal starting S.G. that I should try to attain?"
Thanks for the help.
hayseed how large of a batch did you make?was it fresh juice ,all berries a blend i love fruit wine....................mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Well I am Dutch............

We use the metric system and in that sugar calculations
are very easy.

Nevertheless when I look at my SG table I bring my alcohol level
for a red wine to about 12%. That is at an SG of about 1095.

Need Answers

Hayseed. are you making wine to enjoy, to drink fore breakfast, do you want max alcohol, or just wondering? If you are going to take anytime at all to mess with making wine do it right. 12% is is about right. If you want to get more alcohol increase the SG, you'll get the booze, but there goes all the aromas and essences the fruits once offered to you. It will take the same effort to make a good wine as it will to make a fantastic wine, no matter what you make it from. You will never know the difference, only those whom you share it with will....

I don't know this from experience, I just made it up. Yeah right!:)
luc ,like your numbers,,can produce a very smooth product with it ,i like stating a little high ,i can control the process better,,my way.....
If you kept records on each batch. Taste them all. Which ever one you like best, use that SG next time. Simple as that! :D

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