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Mar 12, 2010
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If anyone is interested or is using a Portuguese floor corker please take a look at a new kit I have put together to turn it into an automatic corker. I have it online. Evidently you will need to put 2 and 2 together to find monarchwines web site!

Any feedback would be greatly appriciated!
You posted in the wrong thread. We have a classified section and we are not hear for anyone to 4 sale on their 1st message.
Last warning.
Sorry for the wrong forum

I'll post it in the classified side as soon as I get 5 messages in. Sorta slow the spread of a new product to your memebers, just my 2cents. believe me I dont like spam as much as anyone else but in my short 4 years of making wine from kits primarly i find that my back get a bit sore from bending to use a floor corker.

Look forward to putting it in the classified section!
Cool. Why don't you introduce yourself and tell what's fermenting etc....where you from? I bet we have some members near you.
PM me with the site and Ill be glad to link it, people here love to tinker with stuff like this and Ive seen something like this on another forum a few years ago Im betting but I havent checked your site. Does this use air pistons and a compressor, how much? Please tell us more about your product and do you have other stuff like this also. Tell us more, please dont just be a post your link and fly, your a wine maker I assume so jump in and make some friends.
Absolutely - about me

Just some back ground I've been making wine from kits for about 3 years or so, have a nice Cab Franc, and French Cab waiting to be bottled. I love making wine, more so because I love drinking wine. But I love effeciency too and am always looking ways to improve my processes.

Looks like others have tinkered with ways to do this and when I wanted to ramp up more batches I knew I need to upgrade but there is nothing in the middle for corking. you either go with a floor corker or step to a 2500 $ big red, best I can tell. So I started about 3 months ago experimenting with some designs and think I have a pretty good one now. Version 4 i think. lol

Here's a pic and yes that is my dining room, thanks to my wife who lets me keep all my stuff all over the house.

So in the last week we decided to start our first LLC MonarchWines LLC, nice friendly ring to it.
I'd love to see what others have done as well!