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  1. MiBor

    Bottle Shock?

    Something really weird is happening to a batch of Merlot I bottled about a month ago. I made this wine from grapes in the fall of 2020 and was aged for a year with about 3 months of that year being in a barrel. The wine I bottled was well balanced, with good structure and mouthfeel, still fruity...
  2. S

    Brewing bottle vs Brewing bucket

    I currently have an issue with to few (empty) bottles and some wines which have to be made. I do have two 20L buckets, but i have always thought buckets were less good, as there is more space for air/oxygen, which is bad for the wine. Will it greatly affect the wine (negatively) or can I use...
  3. H

    Automatic floor corker

    If anyone is interested or is using a Portuguese floor corker please take a look at a new kit I have put together to turn it into an automatic corker. I have it online. Evidently you will need to put 2 and 2 together to find monarchwines web site! Any feedback would be greatly appriciated...
  4. U

    champagne bottles

    I have had difficulty finding good champagne bottles. The only ones I have been able to get are used. The only champagne bottles that I have found available for sale on the net and the supply stores are green champagne bottles without a punt and from China. They are thinner than the usual...