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  1. tradowsk

    Substance on corks

    I have some bottles of mead aging in my cellar since May, and yesterday I noticed a few bottles have an amber-colored sap-like substance on the exterior of the cork (see photo). The substance is highly viscous (like the sap of a pine tree) and lacks any distinguishable smell or taste. The corks...
  2. R

    Sulfite management and cork juice

    As you can tell from the heading I want to get your advice on two completely different topics. Firstly, I want to know how you manage "free" sulfite concentrations in your wines. I know there's a sulfite testing kit called "Titrets", which I have understood can be unreliable. I wonder if...
  3. T

    How far to insert champagne / sparkling wine corks? (Some are stuck)

    The last few times I made champagne I used plastic stoppers, which worked fine and popped out by hand as expected. This last time I actually used real champagne corks. When I went to un-bottle the first one, the cork wouldn't pop, and I had to use a corkscrew. The champagne was fine, but I'm...
  4. ringmany

    Wine corks have mold and are dried out

    Hi everyone, I've been making wine for a little while now. Had some wine in storage for a few months. I cork my wines and also started using shrink caps. I opened a bottle of wine around a month ago and there was some grey stuff growing around the cork and it was quite dry when opening. I just...
  5. benchmstr

    cork size conundrum

    I usually buy #9 corks. however, a friend just gave me several hundred #8 corks for free. I know they aren't great for long term storage...that is the extent of my knowledge of this size cork. I would only be using it for blueberry, strawberry, and dragon blood type wine...stuff that I will...
  6. H

    Automatic floor corker

    If anyone is interested or is using a Portuguese floor corker please take a look at a new kit I have put together to turn it into an automatic corker. I have it online. Evidently you will need to put 2 and 2 together to find monarchwines web site! Any feedback would be greatly appriciated...
  7. kiljoy

    Corking 101

    Up until this point, I’ve been using screw caps for my wine. I’ve stalled out a bit on the wine making. I plan on starting up again soon and would like to try corking instead. I’ve searched the forum, but still have a few lingering questions. I was a bit overwhelmed with the options...