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Oct 26, 2008
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I was picking rose hip flowers last week and an older tourist couple approached me.

They must have been in there mid sixties and seemed quite in love. None the less, as they approached me, the man asked me, "What are you going to do with those young man?"

I said, "If I get enough of these flower petals here, I am going to spread them on the bed, and I may be making love!"

The wife turned red, and her husband laughed.

Then I told them the truth. I was gathering them to make wine.

I then told them, "If I make a good enough wine, I will share a botlle with her, and I still may be making love!"

By now the old man is laughing hysterical and his wifes face was redder than the petals!!

I only hope that when they went around the corner, he started picking flowers himself.

Just goes to show wine isn't the only thing you can make from flower petals!!! I made them smile too!!!!! Hell with the wine. To make them smile like that was better than any wine I will ever make!


He'll be telling that story on the golf course!!!
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If loveflirtation and smooth words fail to yield results to Fickelous Feminous... apply flowers... If flowers fail attempt grand romantic gesture.... If all else fails apply generous ammounts of wine and watch the sparks fly.
is that like a svenska flicka?

Leanne will be here NEXT WEEK dude. I am about to flippinous mon frickinus espiritus![/I

Yikes!!!!! I talked to hear for a couple hours this eening. She says th milk wine she tastd was intersting.
Congrats dude ( : im sure your excited. Just try to make it out of the airport without getting in trouble lol. And yea it sure does taste interisting. Its kinda like skeeter in that you can load it up with alcohol sky high and it still taste good. Plus it assorbs the flavour of what ever you put in it VERY well.
I am not prepared to make any further statements at this time!! LMFAO!
Probably next summer. Still have lots of immigration stuff to sort through and deal wit. We ARE engaged, so its official. But not by Government standards. We are hoping to come out East, but it will be a meet the family thing.

We are hoping to make it to the Pennsylvania corner to meet some of our wine making friends.

We are hoping to go up and meet Wade and his family, but, we'll see.

I would rather take her out to see the Whales and otters and such.

One step at a time.

This all new to the both of us.
ahh i understand ya. I think it would be great to meet up with you all but for reasons i can only discuss in a PM might not work out. Im sure yall considerd getting married first say in her country or somewhere and then coming back to the US? My stephmom did that with my dad and it expedited the immigration issues.
Again, its a long process. not going to take up our forum time to discuss it any longer!
Yea, so what have ya been making recently besides the flower wine? ive been out of town for over a month so im betting that my skeeter pee is starting to clear nicely by now and that the milkwine is prob ready for another tasting since ive added oak.
Not alot. Got a skeeter pee/orange gonna pitch the yeast in a few hours.

I have been making plans.

I am nervous to say the least. She is a senior wine maker. No more messing around. Guess I have to get rid of the IV connected to my mouth!

All I was looking for in here was advise on using bread yeast!!! Seriously. That was my first post!!

Now I have found my woman of those long lonely dreams.

What have I been doing? Plannig man, planning!!

lol yeah i feel ya. maybe i can convert one of my girlies into a wine angel lol. BTW the orange skeeter pea sounds good. are you adding in the lemon from the start or are you starting with a sugar nutrient wash?

I think when i get back home im gona see just how high up i can get bread yeast to ferment under ideal conditions. I.E sugar and tomatoe paste wash. im betting that the results will be surprising.
Leanne convinced me to add ginger. So it is lemon, a hint of orange and a presence of ginger. Smells great!!!

She makes a version of lemon/ginger all the time for her friends. They all love it!!

She looks to good to argue with. Gotta go with her idea!
Fresh grated ginger. I used a nutmeg grater. For 3 1/2 gallons I used about 2 tablespoons worth. I want more,but Leanne tells me ginger will exponentially get stronger in alcohol.

We'll see.

If you like ginger, Allie posted a nice recipe for a ginger wine. The kind of wine tha might cure the common cold.
Ginger goes a long way. A couple of dollars worth will be ALOT!!!

And if you have extra, it works good with fish, chicken, hell rub it on your feet. Cheaper than foot spray, and all the asian girls will love you!!!
yumm asian girls.... shame we dont get those in my neck of the woods <_<. your gona have to keep us updated on how this turns out
Fine, im just gona laugh when a giant solar flare pierces the ozone and sends your whole state adrift into the pacific ocean lol