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Jul 21, 2010
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Hi all, glad to be a part of this. I've read so much and talked to people but never made my own wine. I'm thrilled to read up on real life experiences with the wine kits I am planning on buying. I am a software developer in Bangor, ME and swear I have no patience on things I do/make, so this winemaking expedition I'm on in my life is sure to push me to my limits. :< From what I read, I really will reap the rewards for making it past my old patience limits.

I enjoy drinking whites the most for now, Sauvignon Blanc (esp. New Zealand varieties) and Pinot Grigio mostly, but have lately been to local wine tastings where I've gotten a taste of good red wine. It is growing on me, esp some Spanish reds. No Mad Dog 20/20 yet...:d

I look forward to sharing my journey and meeting everyone, hearing what works, what doesn't and enjoying the winemaking with a group of similar characters.
Welcome aboard, If you been lurking on here I don't have to tell you how much fun we have and all the great people we have on this forum. I use to go to Maine every year as a kid on family vacations to a town called fryburgh. I use to love it up there and would love to come back up some time in the future for vacation.
I'm a transplant...or as they say up here: I'm "from away". But my wife grew up just outside of Bangor so here we are! Fryeburg has that great fair every year and as a kid I used to go to Snowville, NH, just SE of Conway on the Maine line right near Fryeburg so I know what you are talking about!

Anytime you head up from PA, let me know!
Oh, and thanks, Rod. Patience...I'll find it...what better way to be rewarded!

The hardest part is to get to the point that you make more than you consume or give away.
Many things to remember like
The 3 "T's"
The 3 "P's"
Just to name a few...