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  1. 1

    Brewer to Winemaker

    Hey everyone. Just joined the other day and figured I’d do the whole introduction thing. As the title and username suggest, I’m a home brewer who recently got into winemaking. I brew mostly 1 gallon batches in order to get to make more recipes. I also do a fair amount of...
  2. winescribes

    A couple of office rats with a dream to make wine

    Hey all! Very excited to have stumbled upon this resource and plethora of winemaking information.. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself and my story of how I fell in love with wine: Graduated college with a Finance degree and worked in San Francisco doing Consulting and Tech sales...
  3. Chris Mellor

    Greetings from the Netherlands

    Good day to you all:) I've just started wine making after many years of not wine making. I used to make it (from cheap kits) more than 30 years ago (wasn't very good though). Now I have (limited) time and to be honest, a little more resource and a better sense of taste... I've taken up the...
  4. DCTWinemaker

    Hello from CT

    Hi, I'm Bill from CT. I've always enjoyed wine but was the type to keep drinking the same wines with which I felt comfortable (namely Pinot Noir). As my interest in wine grew, I became infatuated with the diverse wine universe from the old world French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish...
  5. JCBurg

    Hi I’m Justin

    I have only started pursuing wine making a couple of years ago but I’ve made 8 batches and planted a small vineyard and constructed a trellis system. I did really really bad at most of it but I’ve learned a lot! Anyways I love making wine and I have aims to own a winery in a few years, then...
  6. Jon Hunwick

    Vancouver Islander here to drink and be merry!

    Hello all! I don't want to do a whole infodump on myself when most of my info is in my profile, but long story short, I'm a young kit winemaker working in British Columbia looking to expand on my skills and hone the craft. I've made a few hundred kits through work so far and I'm really wanting...
  7. S

    Big Seinfeld "Hellooooo" to Everyone!

    Joined this forum via HBT months ago, and now recently have become more interested in bringing my wine making up to "all-grain" status. I have several kits under my belt and need to see what else is out there. It seems that kit wine is so incredibly simple there has to be so much more to...
  8. G

    Another newbie!

    Hi all, glad to be a part of this. I've read so much and talked to people but never made my own wine. I'm thrilled to read up on real life experiences with the wine kits I am planning on buying. I am a software developer in Bangor, ME and swear I have no patience on things I do/make, so this...
  9. RMT

    Hello from Kelowna (Okanagan) BC Canada

    I've made wines for years, all sort of country wines from fresh fruit, and many from various concentrates to imported juice, all this done in Alberta. burrr! But now that I'm in the Okanagan (the up and coming major wine (vine) growing area in North Amerca) (it seems to be a secret still around...
  10. R

    Hello From Southern California!

    Hi Everyone, My name is Robert and I live in Los Angeles, CA. I am just starting out in this interesting (and rewarding!) hobby. I started a few weeks ago with a Winexpert Selection Johannisberg Dry Riesling to get the feel for making wine. Last night I added the stabilizers and...
  11. docjavadude

    New to Forum... sort of

    I've been lurking here for some time, and got a "you haven't been around much" email from the forum administrator (automated, I'm sure -- cool feature -- it got me here!). Anyway, thought I'd post a quick intro. I'm on my third year of making wine, mostly reds. Hoping to start with fruit in...