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Oct 17, 2023
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Hey everyone. Just joined the other day and figured I’d do the whole introduction thing.

As the title and username suggest, I’m a home brewer who recently got into winemaking. I brew mostly 1 gallon batches in order to get to make more recipes. I also do a fair amount of experimentation/testing with brewing (comparing fermentation temperatures, culturing and harvesting yeast, etc).

As far as winemaking goes, I first did an experiment with some store bought “jam” grapes (12+% ABV), then did a kit wine in preparation for what I’m busy with now: wine from grapes.

I have 4 varieties that I have split into reds, rosés, and carbonic nouveau wines. Hopefully they come out well, though I think some don’t have much hope, but I’ve definitely learned a good amount.

The rosés have suffered from some sulfur I’ve been trying to get rid of. I’ve been low on time, so the reds might have a little oxidation. No idea if I should oak the carbonic wines or put them through MLF.

Overall, it’s been fun and can’t wait to do more. Will not do it again without a crusher though, haha.
You will a lot of crossover from brewers here. I actually did wines first, then beer and now just mainly wines. There are a lot of similarities and a lot of differences. Good luck