Aldi's has Strawberries for $1.85/lb.

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Sep 8, 2009
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Thought I'd post this for anyone interested in making strawberry wine. That was the price yesterday.
Hmm, there's an Aldi's across from work, if only I had a free carboy coming up in a week or so. Need to bottle something, all this fruit and no room to make wine.
That's really good prices. The veggie growers are taking a beating this season, but then if they can hold out during the lean times, they make it up during the fat times.
Out on the farm my brothers work on they have 30 acres of grape tomatoes they will never pick.
We checked a few farms here for prices yesterday. To high to even tell you. I guess they are either greedy or people are actually paying for them. Looks like an Aldi's trip later today.
What kind of prices were you getting? I know you said you were planning on going to pick them when we had lunch Friday. We bought a big package at Costco on Thursday night, can't remember how much they were. It was probably a 3 or 4 lb pack.