Adding Kmeta at first racking?

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I actually have degrees in Biology** and Ecology. And those litter buggers also fascinate me. And I still do not understand those little buggers. Which is also fascinating.
I think we like things to be linear - I do this, this happens. With yeast it's like a spider's web - do this, it affects multiple processes.

I've noticed, even in very recent papers, they usually have the phrase "We still don't know why" somewhere. I think that's hoot!
If there are two Hungarians in a room and one of them is a woman, there's probably more than three opinions and the guy would be wise to keep his mouth shut.

In deference to the ladies, and to my wife, I prefer this one:

"Happy life, happy wife."

Which, in my opinion and interpretation, is not a statement to give free reign to a shrew. It is simply for each partner to consider the other. :)

If there are more than two Hungarians in a room and they're drinking there's probably no opinions, just singing, and a csardas is close behind.

Well... that actually may be true.... hick.... (starts singing incoherently....).... :ib
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