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Jan 24, 2009
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Hi everyone I have made only 2 wine kits so far, and have followed instructions to a T. I was wondering if you were to make a wine kit that was meant to be aged for 3 or 4 months, could you let it age in the carboy, for that time period, without adding a finning agent? would it settle out on its own? just curious.

Fuzz I"ve aged my wines in carboys for 4 months and most of them cleared out by themselves. But I do have a cranberry that is 3 months old in a carboy and isn't clearing out for me. I guess it depends on the wine and maybe what kind. My cranberry was real fruit, I'll add a clearing aid to help it along.
You know fuzz, I've found the wines that are suitable for clearing without finings are the ones that drop clear really quickly after fermentation ends, and then the sulfiting upon 1st or 2nd racking. And by quick I mean within days, not weeks or months!

Surprisingly, I find the batches that were fermented on skins that are high in tannins to fall out the quickest most of the time. I've had chokecherry fall out in 2 days before. I kid you not. This is with ample pectic enzyme added of course. I even add it to my grape musts.