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Jan 2, 2010
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Quite some time ago a 10 year old boy entered a hotel coffee shop, and sat down at the counter waiting patiently for his turn to be seen by the waitress.

The waitress came over, placed a glass of water in front of him and asked what he would like. The young boy asked "How much is an icecream sundae, please?" "Fifty cents replied the waitress".

The boy reached into his pocket, removed some coins and while keeping his hand under the counter he began to study them.

He then looked up at the waitess and asked "How much is just a plain bowl of icecream?"

By this time other people had entered the shop waiting to be seated while others wanted to order. The waitress was growing very impatient with this little dirty faced ten year old. "Thirty five cents" she replied with a touch of aggravation in her voice.

"I'll have the plain icecream please" said the boy.

The waitress brought him his icecream, placed the bill on the table and went about the other customers while the boy enjoyed his treat. After completeing his bowl of icecream, he paid the cashier 35 cents and left.

It was some time until the waitress was able to collect the finished bowl of icecream and spoon. As she picked up the empty bowl she glanced down at the counter and began to cry. There was two nickels and five pennies.

You see the boy had 50 cents and could very well have gotten an icecream sundae but that would have meant he would not have had any money left to "tip" the waitress.

Obviously his Mom and or Father had taught him manners and instilled upon him some rights and wrongs.

Too often in our busy lives we forget about all those who help us or serve us. Many of those receive a reduced pay. Sometimes all it costs us is a smile, a Thank you or even a few cents. Always remember those at restaurants, cashiers and grocery stores. Sometimes something as simple as that can leave an impression upon someone and brighten their day.

"TIP" is an abbreviated version of "To Insure Promptness". Originally a tip was given before service was rendered as a way of asking for a little extra treatment. Over time it became common to leave a tip after we were served.


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Jun 16, 2010
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thanks steve. sometimes we all need to "pay it forward".
i didn't know that's what TIP stood for. learn something new everyday!

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