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Feb 16, 2010
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what is the proper way to store yeast

should it be refrigerated, and how long is the "shelf life"
The small packets of Lalvin yeast has an expiry date stamped along one edge.

I'm not sure if it's required for the dry yeast packets, but I keep them in the refrigerator, and I haven't had any problems so far.
I keep all yeast in the refridgerator to prolong it's effectiveness. When buying yeast look for the most recently date stamped packets.
Yes, refridgerating will extend the life especially if you have warmer temps in the house.
Ditto. Refrigeration is best.

The number of viable yeast cells starts to decline once a sachet or pack is made. The expiration date is just a best guess for when the number of viable yeast cells will have declined to the point at which a quick starting fermentation can no longer be guaranteed. Storing your yeast under refrigeration will help; ordering yeast during a heat wave may hurt. Starting your yeast in a starter will help get things going and is always advisable, but perhaps more important when dealing with a troublesome must or an old yeast.

Greg G.
Ditto Ditto in the fridge. Ck the stamped expiring date and use oldest 1st.
I buy my yeast in bulk (100 gram packages) and store it in jars in the fridge.

When needed I take some out.

Make always a yeast starter and you will surely know your yeast is still viable.

I have stored yeast that way for periods longer as a year.

thanks for the wise advice

I'll be sure to look for the expiration dates and store in the fridge:D

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