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Mar 1, 2009
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Last week I tried to start two yeast starters and had the hardest time with them. Today I needed to make two more, a Niagara and a cranberry. This time I put the starters in a sink with very hot water from the tap, meaning the temp of the starter itself reached about 92 degrees and maintained a warmer temp longer. about three hours later they were going like crazy and I doubled the amount of juice and changed the water again with very hot water. I was using lalvin 116 yeast. The juice I had was very cold and I have belts on both primaries to bring them up to temp and will add the starters tomorrow.

I always add my yeast to musts that are much warmer then noted in any instructions. I dont go above about 95* though as thats just pushing my luck and too close to the limit most yeast can handle. Some yeasts say 102* and some 105* but just like anything else there is a fine line between what they say and what each packet can probably take and one packet might be weaker then another.
I'm not sure if I understand what you are asking here Dan. First of all, lets assume your must is around 70-75F.

If you rehydrate the yeast according to the package instructions, it will do its thing, and then add it to the must,

On the other hand, if you want to use this rehydrated yeast as a starter, add just a small amount, maybe 1/2 cup of the must to the starter. Let it get to be friends.

I have done starters with Lucs method, with the OJ, pinch of energizer, pich of thism shake this stir that, etc.

These methods will of course work. But just to rehydrate your yeast and slowly introduce your must to it will indeed make a starter. It is good, as you know, but is not necessary to build a starter with all these other steps.Adding x amount of sugar, a little warts toad, etc.

And you already said in your post you have changed the temperature from this to very hot, etc. They look like very good starts, so what made you so concerned that you changed the water temp.?

What you showed looks exactly what it should be. Put in some must, stir it together and wait. No reason I should be telling you this, you already know.

Trying to change something that you know works is beyond me.

To the corner with you Dan.
Troy I probably wasn't real clear on my post as I was not asking anything. I was simply posting an observation that when starting a starter by placing your container in a sink of hot water maintains the warm temperature much longer getting your difficult starting going a lot quicker. Its hard to see those measuring cups are in my laundry tray with water. That big orange dot is a cap from a old juice bag from a kit. They fit the drain perfectly making an excellent plug.
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I see. To the corner with ME! LOL. I was actually wondering about that temp thing by placing it in water. I'm gonna try that next time. They sure look like great starters indeed.

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