Yeast Rehydration is good stuff

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I wasn't clear -- I mean that we make a starter (100 to 240 ml), let it run over night, then how do we check the SG/Brix in so small a sample?

If we use a larger starter, we need to use correspondingly more yeast.

I understand now.

Perhaps it’s not important what the ABV is in the starter as long as the Brix continues to go down. Just use the Brix as a proxy measure of yeast growth.

Conversely, you could divide a packet of yeast into several smaller amounts and scale down the water and sugar as well. I would include a control lot with just yeast and water, no sugar, so the effects of the yeast on light refraction can be inferred.

I have numerous packets of EC1118 that were included with kits or juice buckets. If it wasn’t grass cutting season I would be totally all over this experiment.


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