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Nov 6, 2006
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OK winemakers, who plans on entering and if so how many? The event was HUGE last year with I believe over 4700 bottles entered
when and where is this competition held, not that i have anything worth entering, just curious is all.
Not sure. Reason is its geared to KITS. I make mostly wine from juice and fruit. I have won many medals in the past but I feel the judges "taste" are geared to kits not from
grapes or juice.
I dont think thats true. Rich won many medals when he entered a few of his grape wines last year and my friend entered 2 wines from grapes from M&M and took 1 medal from them. That being said Im not sure if I will due to finances but I will try this year, In the past it was definitely a NO but will try to enter a few!
Well at least it's only ONE bottle they want.
Dont get me wrong the medals I won were NOT from kits. But, I feel Kits get more play than graps, Juice, Blended or Fruit wines. Amazing using the same scoring system I know of those who won Gold and best of show in other competitions yet not medaled here.
I think the problem here is that 90% of the wines enetered are kits, thats why so many kits win!
My biggest problem with this comp is their judges. The last time I entered this comp a certain LARGE manufacturer entered at least a dozen categories with wines aged at the time frame they state are quite drinkable ( normally 3-6 months) and medal with these wines. I have absolutely no problem with these wines but at 6 months of age they have not reached a maturity level yet and will still have off tastes. Particularly Kit Taste and if their judges can not detect kit taste, they ought to not be a judge. I find it unusual that any red wine could gather a gold medal score with only 6 months of age on that wine.
No kidding, 4700 bottles? Thats incredible. I had no idea this whole wine making thing could be so serious. I do it because it is as much fun as cooking and it's cheap. And then of course now I am hooked. Wow. Do you need to be present when they do the judging?

Seems to me, you would be at a disadvantage if your entry was judged toward the end of the competition, because by the end the judges would be pretty trashed?
You do not need to be present at all Troy and there are a lot of judges doing this tasting. At our local one we had 12 judges for about a 400 wines to be judged. Im hoping they have much more then that and probably spread that out over 2 days.
Thats quite interesting, I have never looked at wine making from that corner of the room.

I wonder if they would let me enter my "Cat Hair Cabarnet"?

(Wade, did you ever get my PM response about NZ? I am starting to worry about the PM. Let me know it works.)
If you make your wine from a kit and modify it... say you add banana pulp to the primary and maybe add an additional flavor or two to the f-pack, would that be legal?
Sure its "legal" to do what ever you want to do to a wine. It must be made by you but you can tweak it any way you want to. Just remember that it will be judged by the standard for that category that you entered it in. In other words if you entered a cab. kit wine that you sweetened to your taste it probably wont win you a medal because cabs. aren't normally made as a sweet wine.
Thanks Racer... not that I will enter, but I need to know in case I got crazy and wanted to enter down the road. First I will have to get serious about making better wine and second I will need to be aging some wine to enter. I doubt many "green" wines do well in these events... maybe some whites, but I know very little about white wines... heck, I don't know much about any of the wines.
See if there is a smaller competition closer to your home that you can send into. The biggest reason (for me) to enter a competiton is to get an unbiased opinion of a wine and hopefully a suggestion or two. The bigger the event gets the harder it is for the judges to have the time to give you a complete set of notes from your entry. The last winemaker mag. that I entered 1 entry had half a dozen words tops from 3 judges combined!

If I enter any one this year it might be my own state's fair competiton.
To those who compete...
Whats the age of the wine you use to compete with?
I will be there. I had two entries last year and won 1 bronze for my pinot noir. I'm not sure yet, but I believe I will be entering 3 or 4 this year.
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To those who compete...
Whats the age of the wine you use to compete with?

That depends on what wine you are entering. My pinot this year is 2 years old. Some Ocean Breezin' kits could probably be entered at 1 year old or a little less.