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Jun 21, 2009
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Hello everyone. I used to make beer and wine when I was younger, when I had space. My wife and I aren't in a situation where we can make it at home. I bought my father 2 wine kits from the Noble Grape store here in our local city in Dartmouth, NS Canada. I am a little rusty to say the least, my hands still smell like cleaner and sterilization :) brings back good memories.

The problem I am having is, we put the wine, for now, in a 30 litre plastic bucket (Primary fermenter) and we sealed the top tight. Now it's bulging up like its going to explode. I have seen some with a pressure release but this bucket cover doesn't have this feature. Should I loosen one side permanently for now while it ferments to avoid any mishaps? or leave the cover loose on top of the bucket to attempt to keep any air contaminents out?

Sorry for the noobish-ish ;) questions but I am a bit rusty at this.

Oh, the weight is 1.080.

if there isn't a hole in the lid YES! release the pressure now! You can leave the lid loose until you can get an airlock and drill and fit a grommet in the lid. During primary fermentation so much CO2 is produced alot of folks only cover their primaries with cheesecloth to keep the bugs out. You can go that route if you have some hanging around
I just noticed thats your first post! Welcome! And hope you hang out with our little group here. What kits did you get?
Primaries dont need lids and actually its more beneficial to give the yeast lots of air for the first few days at least. Just make sure no bugs can get in there so cover it with some cloth and a string or rubber band to keep the cloth from sagging in there. Welcome to this forum and if you decide to make beer again also we have a category for that to and a few beer makers here like me.
Thanks for the replies and thanks for the welcome to the forum. I have removed the cover and left it loose for now.

I will let you know how it turns out, hopefully using a kit doesn't count as cheating :)
go to the hardward store at get a rubber grommet, with like a 3/8" inner diameter, and then some 3/8" outer diameter tubing. Then you can run a blow-off hose into a bottle of saniziter to let the CO2 out, but nothing in.
I will let you know how it turns out, hopefully using a kit doesn't count as cheating :)

If it is then I'm guilty too,since I have a winexpert international selection french chardonnay and a us elite vintners pinot noir bulk aging as I type. :h
Welcome aboard. Everyone answered your question already. Just wanted to say hi. Bring on the questions. That's what we are here for. I don't snap the lid down either. Just set it on top to keep the crud out. You don't have to worry about oxidation during primary fermentation. I normally rack when the gravity gets around 1.020 and top off and put the wine under an airlock. Even if it gets a little lower than that it is OK. The CO2 produced will blanket the wine until it is absorbed into the solution.