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Apr 5, 2009
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Found this linked from the Lindt FB site - thought is was interesting so i figured i would share.

* Most of the time, Champagne and chocolate don’t pair well. Against the sweetness of the chocolate, Champagne appears tart; even the secs and demi-secs (sweet Champagnes) are too delicate to stand up to the cocoa butter mouthfeel of chocolate. Save the Champagne for fresh strawberries
Similarly, Rieslings, Chenin Blancs, and Sauternes lack the right structure to pair with rich chocolate. They do, however, pair with white chocolate.
One prominent sweet wine that does have the balance to pair splendidly is Muscat or Moscato.
Another ideal pairing is fortified wine: Port or Banyuls, a red wine made of Grenache in the Languedoc Roussillon region of Southwest France. Save the complex vintage Port to savor with the cheese course or after-dinner drinks; and bring out the Ruby Port and Tawny Port to drink with chocolate.
Some experts don’t believe in drinking dry red wines with chocolate. We disagree, as long as it is a wine with straightforward, strong notes—not too dry, too tannic, or too astringent. Try it and form your own opinions. The cocoa butter in the chocolate mellows out the tannins and astringency; and fine dark chocolate has enough complexity to hold its own with most reds.

_below is the list of recommended wines with chocolate_

* Armagnac
* Banyuls or Maury
* Beaujolais
* Beer
* Bourbon
* Brachetto D’Acqui
* Cabernet Sauvignon/Bordeaux/
* Champagne
* Cognac
* Framboise (Bonny
Doon Dessert Wine)

* Hungarian Tonka
* Jurançon
* Late Harvest
* Liqueurs: Anisette,
Cointreau, Grand
* Marsala
* Mas Amiel
* Muscat/Moscato di
* Pinot Noir
* Port: Ruby, Tawny,

* Riesling
* Rum
* Sauternes
* Setubal
* Sherry: Cream,
Fino or
Pedro Ximinez
* Single Malt
* Vin Jaun
* Vin Santo
* Zinfandel

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