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Wine Cellar Racks and Cooler

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Jul 4, 2004
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Since I no longer make wine I am looking to sell my wine racks with the cooling unit for the room.

The dimensions of the racks are:

One rack is setup for 1.5L bottles and is 84” high and 75 1/2” wide and holds a total of 240 bottles

The other rack is for 750ml bottles and is 84” high and 61” wide and holds a total of 252 bottles

The racks were all hand built from red cedar with 3 coats of clear poly on them and are screwed together so they can be taken apart and moved.

The cooling unit (Koolspace 300) was purchased new in 2004 and is in perfect working condition.

I am located in Southern RI

Price is $600.00 or Best Offer. NO WINE IS INCLUDED IN THIS SALE!




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