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Oct 26, 2008
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Allie brought up an intersting point. She was excited to see another lady in here who enjoys making her own wine. It is sometimes hard to tell because we all choose a user name when joining. Many time the ladies start making wine because the hubby is making his own beer. Ladies unite!! LOL

SO..all you ladies, identify yourselves!

I remeber a while back there was a memebr who joined and someone refered to her as a him, and she was quite offended.

All you ladies in here, we enjoy you being here as much as the guys:D

Allie sets a great example for all of you, she is a lady, a woman, a wife, and a mother, and she has cattle, finds time to share with us, and is more knowledgable than most of us when it comes to making your own wine.:D
(trying hard to go to New Zeland, gotta kiss butt whenever I can).:D probably gonna still have to sleep on straw in the barn, but some of us appreciate the lil things.

It is hard to remember everyone in here, but there have been some great ladies in here. So for Allies sake, all you ladies, let Allie know it isn't just the men who make great wine.!! (I did say wine, didn't I?)
We are all in this together!!!!!:tz

(P.S., guys we gotta be careful on some of our sarcasmn, some of these gals might get offended, and I, for one, do not wish to be beat silly while I sleep with a Rhubarb stalk! Winks at G!)
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I'm only new here but was glad when i realized some members were women when i checked out the post where people posted the pics of themselves .
Good to have you here NS, Allie is one of our most senior members and one of the most knowledgable. Glad to have you ladies on board otherwise us guys could let the sarcasmn get out of hand fast.

I think WADE started that thread, it is really neat to place a face to a name in here, sure makes us all seem like a big group of friends trying to achieve a common goal instead of just an anonymous name.. Check out some of the pics in the ALL ALBUMS. Then you'll even be able to meet some of us more.

And don't be afraid to post some yourself, noone in here judges anyone, those who did, aren't here any longer!

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I'm also new to the forum, but I too am a female. My hubby has absolutely nothing to do with my hobby unless I need the the buckets lifted or my finished product drank. He is very helpful in the drinking process!!:p
I am a fellow female! I too decided to start making my own wine when my fiance decided to make his own beer.

Allie is one of my fave members... SHE KNOWS SO MUCH!! I can only hope to be as knowledgeable as she is one day!!!
Courtney, did you see Allies post the other day? She said she planted fruit trees when her kids were young. Now they are teenagers, eat junk food, and the fruit was going to the cattle so she started thinking about wine!! Great story, but not mine to tell.
"why did you start making wine". I'll se if i can locate it for you, it's actually a fun thread.
I started this thread for you gals but I have to ask, who is the "lil super dude" in your avatar?
lol.... That is my nephew. He is the best thing ever! He was superman for Halloween. He is one and a half now, and turning into quite a trouble maker.
List of Ladies

Troy... why don't you start a list of the usernames of the ladies on the forum... would it be politically correct?

By the way... are you an Esterite, or are you an Esteroid? I've been researching your little neck of the woods... er tundra.

lol.... That is my nephew. He is the best thing ever! He was superman for Halloween. He is one and a half now, and turning into quite a trouble maker.

That's a mighty fine looking little grape stomper you have there... any kids of your own?
lol... Not yet. That might be a few years. Still trying to convince the fiance to get a cat.... lol
Courtney, I speak cat!!

HB, couple reasons. I started this thread to assure our pal Allie there are indeed ladies inhere who make wine, second, I am one of the oldest members in this forum, not by moon years, not by knowledge or experience, and not by number of posts, but because I was here when it began to grow. For me to try and list all the ladies who have shared this site would mean risking forgetting someone, and I am JUST NOT GOING TO TAKE THAT RISK, and forget anyone.

I come in here often enough that although my memory is good and I speak several languages, it is real hard to try and remeber everyones name against there user name.

I have recently made a small list trying to remeber where evryone is from and the time zone they are in.

Speaking of Allie she is 22 hours ahead of me, so she is in the future!!LOL

It is a great pleasure to be a part of this forum and to have made so many friends, many of you I talk to on the side, but for me to try and nam everyone would be an effort for no outcome. I mostly wanted Allie to be sure she wasn't the only gal in here.

How many hippies in here? One for sure. Two, maybe!!LOL

Ester? man, thats tough to answer. especially on this thread. Most of the girls in Ester don't particularly like guys. ALL I'm saying. If I am heading for trouble I don't want to do it on this thread. We should start a new one. And I will. Leave this one for the gals.

If you want to look me up try 175 Everett Way, Ester(or Fairbanks)

Wade will have a fit, but, like you, come on down, come on down unannounced and it may be not cake and coffee that greets you! I am on Google Earth, you can actually see my cabin on there.

I just thought it would be nice for Allie to see there are indeed quite a few ladies in here.
I had a cat that just died about a year ago. :( He was 17 or 18. I want to get a Maine Coon though! They are huge!
My momma cat is almost nine, shes huge, a huge pain in my a$$, she just jumped on my lap, her ears are smoking! I seen her walk up to a full grown moose and the Moose bent down and they touched noses.

I was pretty sure I had seen it all, and when I seen that and threw my hands in the air and realized I had a long ways to go. When she was young I rented from a gal that had horses and I would see her walking around the horses and they didn't mind, that should have been my first clue.
lol... Mine was super lazy! And anyone who walked in the door was there to see him. You would come in and sit on the couch and he was there in .2 seconds! He was spoiled!

That is crazy! A moose! Your cat had balls! lol
courtney, check out the ALL ALBUMS in here, I have a bunch of pictures of arctic animals, some of my cat, etc. In fact I think I have two or three albums in there. One is named miscelaneous, but check out everyone elses too. Really neat, make you feel like you are dealing with real people in here, because you are! I think Allie has some of her artwork posted in there too!! GASP, really great stuff. Seee Ya later.
I need to get off this comp for now. Afellow member sent me a bunch of elderberries and I need to get out to the airport and pick them up. Nice to chat with you. Looking forward to "seeing you around the corner"

Enjoy your day, smile whenever you can,

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