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Jan 18, 2023
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Hello everybody my name is Allen and I live in MS.

In all honesty I joined this forum to get info and learn. My wife mentioned to me a couple months back that it might be fun to make wine, something we can do together. I already have a few other hobbies but as I have heard all my adult life…..happy wife happy life! So for Christmas I bought her a beginners wine making kit from Northmountain supply. Seemed like the perfect kit for the beginner to me. Christmas morning when she opened her gift and she honestly liked it. Long story short, she has since changed her mind ( I am well aware that is what women do) so I contacted the company I purchased the kit from for return info. Well since I bought it in early December to make sure it would be delivered before Christmas it is now past the 30 day return policy. So now rather than getting advice and learning I am hoping to sell this kit if that would be ok? I know on other forums you must be a member for a short time before you are able to post to selling threads.

Sorry for such a long intro and I hope you all have a great day. Thank you
I don't mean to be a trouble maker.... but what if YOU started that kit and then gave her some inspiration. Somehow, wine making is more fun than drinking the stuff... the anticipation of a great wine? I don't know.

My point though, is that this hobby is fun, and it supplies my other hobbies. Tinkering, drinking.... 🙃 Yes, it's a legitimate hobby!

Maybe, it is a sign that you can't return it. 🤔
Welcome to WMT!

I asked for a kit for Christmas in 2019. I also asked for cheese making equipment. Hubby got me the 1 gallon fruit wine equipment kit, but I was more interested in trying to make cheese.

So the equipment kit sat until Dec 2020, when I finally started my first attempt. I have now made about 50 batches of wine, from fruit to kits to a juice bucket. Many of the first batches were 1 gallon, but now it's mostly 5-6 gallons, with some 3 gallons thrown in there, too.

The cheese making went okay, by the way, but I did lose interest in that for now. 😁

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