When do I rack my strawberry wine?

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Dec 11, 2009
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I started a strawberry wine, from fruit, in mid December. After i got the temperature up so that it started to ferment it was going fine. I racked 1st fermentation and the instructions said to wait 3-4 weeks before racking again, provided that the s.g. is 1.000 or lower. That has happened, however, the "boiling" has not stopped. The s.g. is at 0.994. Should I wait until there is no more gas coming out of the air lock or rack it anyway since it has been about 7 weeks now? Wine-O suggested that I wait. I have been making regualr wine for years and the rule of thumb is to wait until it stops boiling...I'm old school Italian. Should I do the same here?
I would get it off the lees now and in doing so will help remove some of that trapped gas in your wine. If you want you can also help the wine clear by degassing it by hitting it with a drill mounted mix stir or you can just continue to let it degas naturally but I have had wines that after 8 months still not clear or degas by itself by itself and thats why I degas my wines. You should also sulfite your wine at this time also to protect it if you havent done so already and even sorbate it if you plan on sweetening it in the futute.
If I drill/stir it won't I have to let it sit for a while or are you suggesting rack it and afterward drill/stir to de-gas?
Yes, youll want to first rack your wine first to get it off the lees!
Yep as Wade said. After racking DEGAS and add your meta and sorbate. Before clearing now is the time you can add your f-pac and back sweeten if you like. If not start clearing.

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