What's your cleaning/sanitizing routine?

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Jun 5, 2017
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Hi guys! I find myself spending an hour and a half cleaning and sanitizing my equipment, while making a whole lot of mess with water.

Do you guys have tips on doing everything alone faster and less messy?

Im in the same boat, i feel i spend more time cleaning and santizing than i do actual wine making but i guess thats the name of the game
You wanna cook you gotta clean. The spray bottles of your sanitizer and cleanser (I use a no-rinse) are time savers. Use my bottle tree to dry. A tray to dry smaller items. Use small 4" diameter pvc pipe sections to dry carboys upside down. And after working just a rinse with hot water to clean everything. Some sessions are quicker than others.
The sanitizer I have is only good for 24hours (oxy-san) so i do use the bottle but i have to make almost 4 batches per kit
I use the allinonewinepump and pull my santizer thru my racking cane and all my lines as fill up the carboy about 1/4 full - and swish the carboy by hand or I prefer to use the carboy cleaner (drill type).

This whole process takes less than 2 minutes !

I then use the pressurized bottle washer at 45 psi - it santizes in 3-4 seconds per bottle - place them in a milk crate - upside down. Then carry them over to the filling station - turn right side up and start filling - carry to the corking area - then carry to the labeling area

Here is a prior post -

Last night my son and I decided to test our winemaking skills.
We did all this in 2 ½ hours !

Transferred 6 carboys

Sanitized 133 bottles using the pressurized bottle washer

Bottled and corked all 133 bottles, using the new
precision adjustable vacuum control valve with the Allinone

We bottled the following wines

Carmenere – Chilean Juice - 2016
Old Zinfandel / Syrah - Grapes from California - 2015
Malbec – Chilean Juice -2016
Frontenac - Grapes from local vineyard -2014

I read someplace that it takes 70 gallons of water to make a gallon of wine. Clean, clean, and clean some more. It is part of the game::