What should I add to my finished Mead?

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Aug 26, 2015
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Finished fermenting my first mead few weeks ago and it has a bit of rocket fuel, hot alcohol flavor to it. I think this will go away in time. It's a 1 gallon jug with a bit of headspace, I was thinking of adding some fruit to it. Any recommendations maybe an orange some frozen blueberries? Looking for ideas.
Choose the flavor of any of the frozen concentrates you prefer. If it has already cleared, it will probably cloud up when you add the concentrate and you will have to wait for it to clear again. If it fermented down to where the alcohol killed off the yeast you will not have to worry about a referment. If it fermented to dry you can still have some active yeast in there and it could start up again. In this case you can add a shot of k-meta and sorbate to stabalize the mead, then add your concentrate. Arne.

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