We're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave

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Green Mountains

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Nov 29, 2009
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I know that we're all scattered about the country and the world but just thought that I'd pay homage to the incredible heat wave hitting New England.

I live in Vermont.....at the foot of a ski mountain. There's still snow on the mountain and the town is full of (mostly college age) snow revelers, but the temps outside are in the mid seventies and we haven't hit the warmest part yet. The weekend is supposed to be warmer.

SO.... Fellow Wine Makers. Raise your glasses in a TOAST to the end of Winter in my part of the world and the beginning of the sweet Summer Solstice (I do realize we have to get thru Spring first).

Praise God. Praise wine...and Praise my good friends on this forum.
No rain, no snow and 70 here in So. Jersey. Unbelievable. I'll drink to that. :h :h
its due......seventeen inches from rain from three storms in the last three weeks....not good for the vineyard floor nor my greenhouses...day after day was cloudy...usually we are 85% sunshine....
Toasting for sure. Been in the high 40's , low 50's here for the last week and no end in sight. Here in the far north we are going to have a quick spring ourselves. Didn't get to severe cold this winter and not really a bunch of snow.

All of us up here are celebrating the return of spring ourselves.

Time to break out the summer to do list we have been making all winter. Now the challenge is to see how much of it we can actually accomplish with out adding to it in the process.
Darren you have jinxed us now! All your bragging and celebrating will surely bring us back the cold and snow- let's just hope it waits until next December! It only got up to 65 here across the lake today, but expecting 80 something Saturday after 78 tomorrow! I quit work early today and went out and pruned a few rows of grapes. Man are they dripping! The front lawn actually started turning green today.
Incroyable drizz! here I am thinking the world is great at 45F!!! LOL
it's hit 85F out here! normally 70F would be warm for this time of year. i'm already tan from planting so much on the property it's ridiculous. my parents just ordered some eldeberry and black currants also. not sure how much of each, but we just planted 4 cherry trees, 4 pear trees and my sister donated ~50 red raspberries. she's moving and the realtor told her to get rid of the "sticks" in her yard :p
On its' way to close to 80 today, and over 80 tomorrow! Going up to Sacandaga Lake tomorrow to open up our camper and let it air out a bit! Can't wait!! Love this time of year..

i'm glad i got a bunch of things planted and watered. stuff is going to grow like wild fire!! i hope to make raspberry wine from our own! i just planted 50 or so plants along with about 50 wild ones (they are black, but a mix should be great) we already had on the property.

supposed to rain tonight and then be sunny all day tomorrow. spring and early fall are my favorite times of year!
It's still cool and wet here. The nice thing is that my camelias have a bumper crop of flowers this year and my fruit trees look as if they are loving all the rain.
After the madness we've had here in Florida this Fall and Winter I'll have a drink with you to celebrate.
The last toad strangler we had go thru here has been claimed to be the last gasp of the coldest winter ever on record.
So here's to hot humid weather, our thunderstorm season starting in late May, and then hurricane season in June.
If it wasn't for family living close, and looking at all the bikini's on the beaches, I'ld move. :h
Days are clear, sunny, still and cooler here, most of the firewood is split and stacked, have had the teenagers doing it.

Days are shorter too, still no rain and we really need it now, the ground has cracked quite a bit. Luckily I got hay in a few weeks back, the prices are up already. Plenty of horse apples to be had cheap locally.. so my cattle are being spoiled for now, no grass growth at all.