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Jan 2, 2010
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Hi all,

Just want to make sure I am doing this correct since this is my first wine.

I am in day 7 of 10 of my secondary fermentation. It appears my wine has stopped bubbling and I am not getting any more activity in my airlock. Is this normal?

Yes it is. Tha just means all the fermentable sugar has converted. Continue what the directions say. Keep checking the gravity.
more sec fermentartin questions

Don't want to hijack the thread, just wanted to ask additional questions. I am at day 3 of the secondary. Activity has basically stopped. Will I be ok. Instructions don't say to check sg till day 10 ish. Should I wait till then.
Once the sugar is gone, what else is happening in the stage.
1st what's the gravity? Just because you think there is no activity there still may be some. Ck the gravity 3-4 days in a row to see if it has changed. Once complets follow the directions as the next step is to fine it (add k-meta and sorbate)
What is it?
At the end of the primary frementation the sg dropped 1.01 to .992 in one day. The hydrometer was sticking so not sure second reading was good. I also have a carboy that is alittle big so I have an air space, plan to add sterilized marbles to fill at the end og secondary fermentation. Thought I need to minimize contact with oxygen at this stage and the clearing stage so I am reluctant to grab a sample. Opening up the carboy to air wont be a problem?
no not a problem opening it up. Which kit is it? I would degas before adding anything like fining or marbles.
Remember, the instructions are proven times. But, temp may increase or decrease the time. What temp is it? You cant rush wine so...
Patience will be rewarded...
It is the Vintners Reserve Merlot. Temperature has gone above 75 at times. Very hard to regulate the temp in a northern ny home with woodstove.
If I read the instructions I should be done. Should I wait the full 10 days?

and ther is a little bit of activity, much slowed
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