UVA'TAN (Scott) vs TAN UVA (Enartis)

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Aug 19, 2012
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Both products are grape tannins designed to color stabilize the wine. My aim is to color stabilize my Frontenac per the recommendations of the first contributor here. He recommends 500-600ppm of the Scott product. As he acknowledges in the article, this is double the label recommendations which are for 50-300ppm (5-30 g/hL).

The names of the products are unfortunately very similar. I bought the Enartis product. The recommended dose range for this product is lower, roughly 1/2-1/3 of the Scott product, 3-10 g/hL.

So my questions:
1. How similar are these products?
2. What harm could I do by dosing the Enartis product according to the author's recommendations for the Scott product? This would be roughly 5x the upper dose limit on the Enartis label.

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