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Oct 26, 2008
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Any thoughts on using plastic liquor bottles with screw lids for wine storage, short term or long. These bottles are made with #1 Plastic.
From my perspective, almost anything is good for short term (3 months?).

Some wine companies have used plastic wine bottles, but Idon't know anything about the plastic used in them.

As I understand it, liquors do not oxidize. Wines & beer do oxidize. So bottles that would be good for liquor might not be good for wine.

I tend to agree with Steve but there are some things that
keep 'spooking around' in my mind.

We are traditional and people generally do not
like changes in traditions.

However I saw things in France that might interest you:
wine in paper packs and wine in plastic bottles:

And a college of mine imports wine from France
himself and gues how it is packed, in plastic bottles:

So maybe it is slowly time to begin to change our way
of thinking about plastic.

I just read an article about a US company that imports wine
from france for the US market.
They are changing top plastic bottles because they are
much lighter to transport as glass bottles are.....

OK Folks, read the following article. Especialy the part about the 'special' PET bottle. Two sentences stand out to me.

"allows putting premium products into PET while providing protection from oxygen and ultraviolet light"

“Yellow Jersey is the first PET oxygen-barrier 750ml wine bottle ever produced in North America. "

I read this article to say that these wine bottles are NOT the same as the PET liquor bottles.

BTW, four Yellow Jersey products are currently listed at the LCBO (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc). All at $10.95 for 750ml. Can't tell from the web-site if they are plastic bottles or not. Unfortunately none of the four are available in my home town, or at the larger liquor store that I expect to visit next week for a new product. I'll try to remember too look around though.

This is kinda llike the difference between a Better Bottle plastic carboy and regular PET. BB states that their PET plastic is much higher quality.


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