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Jan 2, 2010
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A few weeks ago Troy announced that he had reached his 3,000 post on this forum. Not wanting anything for that but just wanted to Thank everyone.

Well I couldn't resist and I created and mailed him his award. It is the "Official Unofficial" :) :) :) certificate of merit. He just received it and I wanted to post it for all to see.

Congratulations to Troy :try and all the others who have contributed to everybody, and myself. Without your help I'd be left with a lot of questions.

Wow, first the Skeeter Pee "wall of fame", now this, all in the same week! I am honoured more than I probably deserve. I can't imagine whats in store when I finally get some wine into a bottle, considering I have batch 33 and 34 in the fermenter as we speak, and 17 empty cases of bottles in the storage shed, THAT may warrant a personal visit with WADE, the grand "poo-bah" himself!!

LMAO. Thanks Steve, thats too damn funny. I'll hang it right next to the certificate I recieved from passing my court ordered alcohol awareness class!!

"Court Ordered Alcohol Awareness Class", :iI thought you were already aware of the alcohol.:):):):)
I used to stop and have a couple beers before I attended these classes just to clear my mind so I could pay better attention and be more aware of what was being presented. Go figure! LOL

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