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Oct 20, 2012
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It has been an interesting two months to say the least. September 15th I was offered another job and in 10 days I had our house packed up and we were moving from Minnesota to Utah. The biggest downfall was we had 80 lbs of Marquette Grapes I had just put into a primary fermentor. I called a friend of our from one of the wine clubs we belonged to and took them off my hands for me.

This was a very sad day. We had waited all summer until these grapes were ready. We bought them from a local grower. So now being in Utah and unpacked what is a person to do. To help ease our pain we went back to the basics and bought a few kits. Well 4 to be exact. So this will pass the time for a few months.

It was interesting when we moved out here. The company paid for our move but I wanted to make sure we got all our our wine out here without an issue. So in the back of the pickup and pulling our Travel Trailer we headed out with 16 cases of bottled wine. Almost felt like we were bootlegging. Our wine making supplies we let the moving company bring out here.

The exciting part of where we moved to is that one valley over there are major fruit orchards. I already made contact with a gentleman that his family grows Peaches. He said i can have what i need as long as he gets a couple bottles. Little does he know that is not the statement to tell someone who makes wine. I will make sure i give him some cash also.

I am excited about this area. I am looking for some acreage to put in some grape vines. I think that if we use the Cold Weather Grapes that the University of Minnesota created we should get some good results.

I found a couple websites that I can order juice instead of the kits, so this is my plan for after the New Year. Even thought I started out with Kits it is more of a challenge to just start with the Juice. My Muscadine Wine I made a year ago and talked about on here is wonderful. WE still have some left and will be ordering more next fall from North Carolina. I am being told there are some nice wineries in Western Idaho. We will be heading up there in the Spring to check them out. Maybe I can get my hands on some Grapes next fall.

Well for just wanted to make a quick note about being bummed about my batch of wine I had to leave back in Minnesota i sure have rambled on. I enjoy reading the articles and getting Ideas from all the posts on here.

To all of our fellow Wine Makers we hope you have a great CHristmas and a Happy New Year.

Your Friends at TK Cellars
TK...boldly going where he has not gone before! Life is an adventure, I hope yours is a good one. Pretty country out that way....and rugged.
I look forward to your grape planting experiments. I got a chuckle out of you saying you had the house packed up in 10 days. It would take a year to get our place ready to move! Glad you have a muscadine source, since that is a taste it is hard to get shed of once you find you like it. Best of luck in the new job.