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Mar 1, 2009
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This is my Trio Blanco label. Bottling day tomorrow!

LOVE the birds! they are so cute!! ..cute is probly not the goal but im a bird person so thats what you get from me LOL

love the colors, it all looks so well together
Double Check

IF this is the Limited Edition Kit from W/E it should be

Trio Blanca

Not trying to be a wise guy but I would hate to see you waste a bunch of labels

BTW, the label looks really nice

I have that kit bulk aging as we speak.....its been in there for a couple months and I tried some this past weekend and it is NICE.....

I can't wait to keep tasting over the next couple months.
I'm curious didn't you get the nice labels that came with the kit ? I could see if you wanted to put on the back of the bottle Running Wolf Wine Cellar & when you bottled it ,also the info about the wine. I would save that cute pic for something you made from scratch .But hey it's your wine do what you want :)

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