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Hello - I'm interested in getting started in home wine making, but have no clue where to start. Can anyone recommend a good book for beginners? Thanks!
How about nipping down to your local library and having a look at what they have on their shelves :)


Perhaps you can tell us what you plan to make. Fruit wines. Wine from fresh grapes. Wine kits. Also what volumes you are thinking about.

I believe that there are some stores in MN. Have you visited them?

I read a few books and feel they didnt really help me much until I actually made a few wines then started to understand what everything meant!
Try This

East, check out They are in your neck of the woods and have several books. I started a post in here under ingredients called a suply source to consider anyway. I never read any books but scoured the internet, but what I learned the mostest was from everyone in here. I thank them.
I would say that all of the above suggestions are great. This forum is a great source of information, though making sure that any questions you have haven't already been addressed by searching is definitely a good step first step :D

Midwest is a great place to go after doing some internet research. I've found the folks there to be very helpful. Plus there are a few homebrew groups that meet in St. Paul and maybe a few of them have branched out into wine-making.

One good book for beginners and as a reference for experienced winemakers is Daniel Pambianchi's "Techniques in Home Winemaking." It's full of lots of up to date and useful info on basically all aspects of winemaking from fresh grapes and grape juice. It doesn't cover fruit wines and country wines, although alot of the information would be applicable to these wines as well.
Hello there LUC, hope life finds you and your Lady well, haven't heard from you in a while, looking forward to looking through the books you offered us.
Thank You

Have to say Luc I find your write ups really interesting and helpful. i shall go look at your books now too, thanks so much for that.
you might just want to pickup a decent kit. I grabbed a WineXpert chianti, and its happily fermenting away. Granted I've made beer and mead for years, but wine does have its own 'needs' and differences.

You can even download instructions at Winexpert's website.
If you're brand new, I have a page that outlines the bare basics for beginners. It's at It's not very advanced but it might help your understanding of the process :)