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Nov 30, 2021
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Boerne, TX
Let me start by saying that I totally understand that this is a very open question with a lot of potential answers. That being said, I'm wondering if folks on here have their favorite "go-to" F-pack creations that they normally use to flavor/enhance red wines prior to bottling? Not an F-pack or sweetener that came in the kit you purchased, but rather a F-pack blend that you created yourself or a specific companies special F-pack formula (special sauce) that you can purchase separately.

My wife likes sweet red wines and I enjoy different flavors but more on the dry side to semi-sweet (at most). I'm thinking about enhancing a few gallons of some of our future 6 gallon kit batches that are coming up for bottling but I wanted to know what people are consistently doing for flavor enhancements on their kits (or home brews). As a starting point, I'm looking for the tried and true F-packs. Something that you have used more than once or would definitely use again.

I appreciate the advice/comments!
Agree with @oppyland regarding the "Tweaking Cheap Kits" thread, but super short cliff notes might suggest: blackberries, Zante black currants, or raisins for dry reds; green table grapes, Granny Smith Apples and/or grapefruit zest for whites (depending on the type of wine you're making).

Thank you. I guess my initial question really revolved around the little tweaks to quality kits that make them really stand out. Additionally, i hoping to hear about the tweaks that people consistently do to everything they make. Some things end up being universal and just part of what people do everytime the do something because the results are always better than the original. That might not be the case when it comes to wine. I was just curious if anyone was willing to share any secrets. Also, I wanted to see if there was a super "tried and true" kit addition that never fails to impress. I guess this was where I wanted to go but I probably missed the mark.

I don't have (what I would consider) cheap kits aging. Everything is around $100+. Additionally,
I was thinking more along the lines of little additions made just prior to bottling to add flavor and sweetness for my wife. I have little doubt that the wines will be good naked because I'm not starting with subpar products (IMO).

Anyway, I've been reading through that massive thread (tweaking cheap kits) and seeing how I can apply what i learn to what I'm doing.

Thanks again! And any secrets are much appreciated! Haha
I understand. I should say that "Cheap" is relative. I've tweaked kits in the $100-$160 range as well. The ones I don't mess with are the high end kits (RJS En Primeur is an example, closer to $200 last I checked). Some winemakers, like the aptly named @winemaker81 adds glycerine to most of his wines and I'm sure he can add some great tips for you.

I'm always impressed how freely so many people on this forum share their secrets. A great resource--I learn new things often. Good luck!
I'm always impressed how freely so many people on this forum share their secrets. A great resource--I learn new things often. Good luck!
I had several aunts who either refused to share recipes or altered the ones they shared so no one could make their recipe as good as they did.

Here? We don't have that level of insecurity or jealousy, and the frequent posters want to share the wealth and see others succeed. We are making the world a better place, one batch at a time!! ;)

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