too many camden tablets?

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Jan 7, 2008
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I have a 23 liter/5gallon cranberry wine on the go. It's bubbling well and SG dripping nicely, the recipe called for 10 camden tablets. I put all 10 in at the start when I made the must. In my reading I have found that most recipes say to put 5 in at the start, and the other 5 at the end of fermentation.

Should I add more camden tablets/K-meta at the end of the fermentation process where I put so much at the beginning?

I wouldn't add any more. The reason for fewer at the beginning is that with cranberry, it can be hard to get the fermentation started.
s02 (from the campden tablets) can make it even harder for your yeast to get started because it's there to kill off any wild yeasties that want to spoil your wine.

Just make sure your carboy is topped up and that when you bottle, you follow good sanitation practices.
If you have no way of testing for SO2 your problem is a difficult one to call. With all the activity of fermentation the extra SO2 will "likely" be dissipated. The addition of one camden tablet/gal is recommended at every other racking but in your case you may want to wait until bottling before adding any.