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Sep 14, 2016
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Hi everyone! I let my must sit for a week. Then I put in to another floating lid air lock tank for a week. I opened it up to check on it and rack it to another clean tank.
There is a film on top of the wine. This ok?
Do I need to fix something? I attached a pic thank you:)ImageUploadedByWine Making1474827580.570625.jpg
Also, this was a green tomato wine recip. Maybe it's just stuff that has floated to the top from the original must?
it could be flowers of wine which is a surface bacteria due to either air entry or ph imbalance or both. i would rack right away , double dose of K-Meta and check you ph range. try to rack so that surface wine is left behind.
Speaking of air I did have a tiny drip coming from the spout on the tank maybe that could've caused it?
Yeah the lid is a little tricky at first. Right now the PH looks around 3.8? Here is a pic. Again thanks so much for the help!! ImageUploadedByWine Making1474918348.919131.jpg
the accuracy of a ph srip is questionable as compared a calibrated ph meter. I would get a ph meter and adjust the acid down to 3.4-3.5 on a sample. do a taste test to see if it okay. if so complete with rest of the batch. this is a green tomato wine, I would guess the additional acidity probably would aid the taste.

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