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Apr 5, 2010
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Seattle, WA (US)
Ok, we have all heard the story that bread yeast is useless for fermenting sugars into drinking alcohol because the bread yeast would get so drunk that it dies before it can create a beverage that is much higher than say 8 percent alcohol.

Well Leanne claims she was able to ferment sugar water to 20% plus by step feading the yeast, So i of course am gona try and see if i can replicate the results. I myslef have seen bread yeast ferment way higher than one should expect so im all game for this experiment.

Procedure: (1) fill a gallon sized container 3/4 of the way up with sugar water untill i get a potential alcohol of 10 percent. ( 1.075 for all of yall specific gravity folks)

(2)add in a ground up B 100 complex vitamen
(3) pour in the bread yeast starter ive made
(4)Once the fermentation starts crawling take a gravity reading and pour in a cup and a half more suga. Take a new reading afterword and keep track of all readings so that a final alcohol can be determined.

How does this sound to yall? any recomendations or suggestions?
Are you sure you're not one of Troy's lost sons? Anxious to here what you come up with. The only differance is if Troy was doing this he would have it all drunk before the end of the experiment :). May the forces be with you!:f
HEY!!!!!! I resemble that remark!

The most scariest thing abut Seth is that he was considering majoring in Nuclear Physics!!

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Look up Kilju on the internet and follow the recipe.

Kilju is a basic sugar water that is a Finnish wine. Typically Sometimes a bit of Lemon or Lime Juice is added. most say it tastes like sheet. Yes, it will work, and yes, this is what Leanne claimd she was able to feed to over 20% by Chaptilizing it, look that up too.

You dont just arbitrarily add sugar. You need to wait till it gets down to about 1.020 before you add sugar, and it needs to be dissolved first! And dont add a ton of it.

Want dont you just go and buy some frozen juice concentrate, use some real wine yeast, preferably champagne yeast and see how high you can

Geeze Louise!

This is a wine making forum, not a science experiment forum! Not that I fault you at all for experimenting.

Enough already!

Vitamins? We call that yeast nutrient, it too is quite cheap!
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Bread yeast can easily ferment out sugar but it usually has a low threshold for abv which means it usually stops around 12% unless babying it with chaptalization which is the means of adding sugar while fermenting gradually so as not to over expose your yeast to too much sugar all at once.
I plan on using bread yeast because i want to see exactly how much alcohol it is good for. Alot of us have good idea's but no real solid numbers... Ive made sugar alcohol before and its not the worlds best tasting stuff lol but im trying to replicate her results.

maybe troy can get her to poke her nose in her and shed some light on her method.

Im gona look up on the specifics on step feeding. I havnt made a wash yet. Im actually plannin this one out guys!
I already told you what she did!!!! Start at around 1.080 or soething, juice sugar water, grapes, dog pee, what ever, when it gets down to around 1.020 add about a cup o dissolved sugar water. Measure the SG. getit down to the same, 1.020 or something, add another cup[ of dissolved sugar. You could ask her yourself but she is the one who told me his.

End of story!!!
I make sugar alc all the time but do something else with it after its been fermented wink wink!
I make sugar alc all the time but do something else with it after its been fermented wink wink!

ahh, ull use that as my procedure then haha. How much sugar was would you start with if ur using a gallon sized cooker
I make 6 gallon batches of (Sugar water) and use approx 10-12 lbs as adding making it with 2 high an sg makes for a not so pleasant taste and is harder to get it back to tasteless.
wrong forum buddy. we make wine and beer rhere. see the PM section.
I'm not yelling at you buddy. You know as well as I do some in hee experiment and its just not something to discuss.

Leanne said she was able to get her kilju up to over 20% with bakers yeast.

The key is not to add it all at once, and once te SG comes down as mentioned, take a cup of sugar,dissolve it, of course and stir it in. I have no reason to doubt her, she has been doing this way longer than you or I.

Remenber, she said she did this with bread yeast! Personally, I would use champagne yeast. In fact I think, and I am not sure, that this turbo yeast, may even be able to get higher.

They do say however, once you start pushing15%, you are really going to jeaoperdize taste for alcohol, so don't take an otherwise wonderful wine, and screw it up by making rocket fuel out of it!!
yah, the reason why im not step feeding the milk wine any higher than 17 percent is that i dont watn something nasty.... i would use some champaigne yeast if i wasnt so interisted in finding out the exact breaking point of bread yeast.

Their are some turbo yeast which claime to be good for up to 24 percent, but i dont think that the alcohol produced would be good for anything but being proccessed into motor fuel lol
That Turbo yeast leaves a nasty taste in the wine and is VERY to get rid of!
Very acidic as there is a lot of acid in there. There is everything in there for a fermention including nutrients.