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May 18, 2009
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I started making wine just before summer and now i am just starting to enjoy the fruits of my labor... I have 3 different batches in bottles and i like 2/3 right now... they have some time to age yet but a couple our good now... I drank my first bottle yesterday and it was very nice, very clean effect and didnt give me a headache later in the day like most red wines do if i just have one glass with dinner.... Thank you for all the help, and i got a whole bunch more in the pipeline

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Congrats. Probably due to lower sulfites in home made wine. I get the headaches to but not as severe as with commercial wines.
C@@L !
What wines did you bottle and which were the 2/3
Probably due to lower sulfites in home made wine.

Come on Smurfe, you know better.
Sulphites do a lot but they do not cause headaches.

I keep forgetting, it were the histamines or flavonoids or something like that which causes headaches. But surely not the sulphite.

Awesome Junit! Its very satisfying to make your own wine and like it more then most commercials!
To answer your question tom.... its the banana i dont like, turns out i dont like Bananas... lol, kinda has a banana laffy taffy taste to it i think... but it was my very first wine, easy recipe and bananas are cheap. The two i like are peach raz and Mango Strawberry.... My Lady is in agreement with me....

Funny thing is... once i got a feel for how to make wines... I made those two off the top of my head... didnt need to seek out a recipe...only one issue and it was nothing a copper pipe couldnt fix.
I hate searching through threads so if ou want to know something about his just ask. Id rather spend 5 minutes typing then 10 minutes searching! Basically thugh you just clean and sanitize a copper pipe and stir the snot out of it a few times.