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May 18, 2009
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I started making wine about 4-5 weeks ago..... and you guys have been a big help, especially wade... I am very grateful for alll the help and knowledge ive aquired so far. to this day i have 6 G of banana wine, in a secondary, 6g of peach raseberry also in a secondary, and 6 g of Mango strawberry in my primary... also 2G of a simple mead.... a lot of stuff going on and im really enjoying the experience. thanks again.
You are welcome J-unit :D , yes it's a very nice and great experience, this forum is really nice and we learn every day something or the other. I m also learning many thing from here that's very nice of this forum and it's members.

Cheers :b Keep Going :h
Thank you for being a member of our site. It is members questions which build the database here. Always feel free to post those questions and when your experience level grows to jump in and answer those questions. Glad your wine making experience is enjoyable for you Look forward to reading your posts.
This place is a give and take! We hope that all you learn will be taught to others and help grow the wine making tradition and make sure it continues on for our children and theirs.
I can't say enough about the friends, advice, and help I recieved in here myself. Thanks again all.!!!:b

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