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Jun 27, 2009
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hi guys is it possible to make wine from shop bought juices eg pomegranate,passion fruit, and if so how much would i need to make up a gallon
depends. Look at the ingredients and look for sorbate and preservatives.
For a gallon use a gallon and add sugar to 1.085
if there is sorbates and preservative in them how do i get rid of them
You can buy a lot of preservative/ additive free fruit wines in the supermarket.. they are clearly labelled.

I've heard of people boiling the juices to drive off the sorbates, however it's not necessary with such a wide range of preservative free juices available.

Best thing to do is tell us whats in the juice you want to make wine out of. Some preservatives are OK.
Another is making a super big starter.
Get a gallon of juice to make a gallon of wine. That makes the best wine. The more juice, the more flavor. Check the SG. If it is too high dilute it with water, if too low add sugar to desired SG. Be sure to check the acidity and adjust. I look for Sorbate in the ingredients when I buy store juice. Also, look for 100% pure (real) juice. Many are flavored apple/pear/other berry juice and most label are very misleading. Read the ingredients list carefully. I have made wine from Pom brand Pomegranate juice.
im not ure what juice im going to use yet so ill look around to see if i can find perservative free ones first then ill get back to you for more help . thanks
Stay away from benzoate and sorbate! Sulfite can be dealt with by not adding any additional when starting your batch. Ascorbic acid is fine.
if there is sorbates and preservative in them how do i get rid of them

you can't. they're chemically bonded to the juice. to remove the bond, you'd destroy much of the flavor and stability of the juice.

Look for frozen juice concentrates or stuff in the fridge section, as these are less likely to contain preservatives. Sorbate in particular will kill a batch of wine.

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