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Sep 5, 2009
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I sweetened my wine a while back and added my stuff to keep it from refermenting. I tasted it again the other day and want it a lil more sweeter. My question is it gonna hurt it to sweeten it again and add more stuff to keep it from restarting?
If you added a dose of sorbate already, you can sweeten some more without adding more sorbate.

Like Steve said once you add the sorbate you can sweeten to taste. Let it sit after the add to allow excess to settle out.
Sorbate is once but if its been 3 months then its probably time to add more sulfites as that dissipates.
It is generally agreed to keep fruit wines around 12-13% PABV. If I ferment it out and then sweeten it, seems like I will lose some of the finshing ABV.

If I know it will be sweetened befoore bottling, what would be the harm in starting with a higher PABV knowing it will be diluted some by adding an Fpac or simple syrup down the road in an attempt to have an ABV of 12-13% the day the cork is popped ?

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