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Jun 14, 2009
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Hello Everyone there ..... :D

I m going to make my 2nd batch (1st is not yet finished) I was searching internet and found on wikipedia about a sugar wine known as KILJU. Since the things required to make this is very very less only Sugar,water & yeast.

So I think with a little hygiene and some patient it can be made.

I will use :-

01. Water ( I will boil it first for hygiene)
02. Sugar (150 - 200gm for each bottle)
03. Yeast 5gm each bottle (Bread yeast is used, b'coz wine yeast is not available in my city)
04. Two Bottles 650 ml each (transparent)
05. Two Balloons and some tape as Air Lock.

Since these are my ingredients , but I want some more suggestions before going ahead. So please gave some suggestions if I can do some different thing in this or not.

I also want to know that after the process ends how I can bottled my wine, that means in wikipedia it is written that at last kilju should be distillate or filtered, is there any east way that I can get 100% germs free wine :h.

If there is something like I can add more in this then please let me know, I am new to all this and don't know much, just going on how people say or I read from sites and forums.

I want to know that if air enters during fermentation process (is it dangerous) then is it safe to drink that wine or it is something else after air has entered. Please I want to clear this because I don't have carboys.

I will start making this after everything is cleared to me....

Thanks in advanced Bye bye take care ...... Meet later :r
I have made the type of wine you suggest before. I did not like it very much. It will be a great learning experience for you though. I would really suggest you try to obtain at least a container of at least 4 liters to make the wine and then transfer it to bottles when it is done by siphoning off the sediment bed on the bottom of the fermenter.

Have you read any of the instruction books online? We have a couple posted here to read. I will attach them here for you to download and look over. They are good beginners manuals.

View attachment The Home Winemakers Book.pdf

View attachment winebook.pdf
Thanks smurfe .... Yes ofcourse I will read them, but you haven't told me anything about what I m going to do that is any suggestions about KILJU.

But it's ok never mind thanks I will read those books as fast as I can :h
I'm just an amateur at making wine but I tried making the same thing just recently.. water wine as I call it. At first it was very happy and lots of bubbles, but then it turned very very slow.. and almost stuck at one point. There many bubbles but they were moving slow and the airlock was only blubbing infrequently so I sucked some out and poured in a can of welch's frozen grape concentrate. It's been very vigorous since then. Nonstop action.

Next time I try this I will pour many teaspoons of yeast nutrient and energizer in to see if that helps keep it moving along, instead of using a grape concentrate. (maybe add some acid blend as well ? not sure if that would help any... might make a good side-by-side comparison.)
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Since I think adding 5gm yeast per bottle is very much, I have read some were on internet that they add very very less amount of yeast in 1 gallon wine.

Can I add sugarcane juice or honey. Plz let me know if I can do experiment with it or not.
water and sugar is going to ferment into something that you won't ever want to drink.

if you use honey instead of plain sugar, it will work. this is called "Mead" rather than "Wine", though it is essentially a honey wine if you don't want to get technical.
I agree that sugar and water will taste just plain nasty and also have a very hard time fermenting without at least some citric acid such as lemon juice or even a broken up multi-vitamin. Yeast nutrient and energizer would be the way to go but I know you are trying to keep it simple so at least give a lemon a squeeze in there for some acidity and it will give it a little flavor also.
Thanks for your support, I will try with honey after some time, One more question can I add Sugar Cane Juice or not, I was just in a mood of experimenting that's it.

What is the meaning of Second Fermentation do we add more yeast to it or what do we do, please if any one who can tell me this
Manku, frozen concentrated juice is an inexpensive way to experiment. Theres a recipe posted in here as a general guide to using concentrates. I have made several batches from concentrate and they work well. I am now experimenting with fruit and flowers, but some intersting varieties can be had by mixing different types of juice. Just make sure it says 100% juice. Read the lable! If it says anything about sulphites or sorbates, avoid it, you may have a hard time to get it to ferment.
Have Fun, post back if you have anymore questions. We're all happy to answer.