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Nov 2, 2009
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Hi all. I started my first batch, its a orchard breezin strawberry.It started with an SG of 1.060 the temp has been around 70.It said to transfer in about 14 days.I started it the 20 of nov.On day nine i noticed it stopped bubbling but when i just touch the lid it bubbles a lot.Is the fermentation stuck?Is it done?Should I transfer? Is there a problem? Thanks for your help
Don't know until you take a gravity reading and get back to us
Im willing to bet a paycheck it finished already. The instructions on kits are there just to give you a basic idea of how long and fermentation can take but rarely does mother nature follow these directions to a "T" Remember that yeast are a living thing an d they dont follow any rules. Each pack can form a totally different size colony to eat at the sugar and turn it into alc. Your wine is fine but as long as you have it covered with a lid and airlock leave it till the directions state to move it or you could rack into carboy, it really doesnt matter.
It has been rare for me to have an airlock bubble for an entire fermentation. Factors such as leaks in the gasket on the lid or for the airlock allowing CO2 to escape there. You say it bubbles when you touch the lid? Do you have the lid snapped on tight or just resting on the top of the bucket? The only way to know if you have a stuck fermentation is to take a gravity reading. I highly doubt it though. Sounds like it finished early. If it went 9 days a bubbling I am sure you are gonna be just fine. I have had many finish in 7 days or less.
ok i took a gravity ready it is now 1.000 the directions say it shiuld be 0.998 or lower is it done should i transfer it now? also at 1.000 the hydometer says there is 0% acohol is this right no acohol in it thank you
I would expect an OB kit to finish fermenting about .995. Which (if you look at your hydrometer) is a negative alcohol percentage.

You said it started at 1.060, which on the hydrometer means about 8% POTENTIAL alcohol. Now that it has fermented it is no longer potential alcohol, but realized alcohol.

So yes, it reads zero % Potential alcohol.

At this point I would wait and see how low it will go and then rack and follow the next step in the directions
Ijust double checked my notes on the Holiday Cranapple from Orchard Breezin and it got stuck at 1.000 and stopped bubbling but by time the 14 days were up it was at .996 so maybe just leave it to see what happens . It better to leave and check for a couple days then do it too soon I think .
As per NSwiner's comments...visual signs of fermentation are pretty much useless. The only way to tell if a fermentation is stuck is by sg. And one reading isn't enough.

ok thanks I'll wait till thurs and check that will be 14 days.I hope it turns out good
hi all well i checked the sg today and it is where it is supposed tp be .998 so ill rack it to day thanks for the help

I would expect that kit to drop down to about .995. I would leave it a couple more days.

my last sg reading was wrong it is still at 1.000 not 0.998 where the instructions say it shoud be so its been at 1.000 for five days now what do ya'll think? What can be the out come if i let it set a couple more days and then racked it even if it stays at 1.000?

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