stuck fermentation on cherry wine

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Dec 11, 2007
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I have a montmorency cherry wine that I got a little crazy with the sugar(1.142 beginning S.G.) It fermented down to 1.030, I transfered it to a carboy,the airlock burped for a day or two and then ceased. It has been 7 days and I just took a reading and the S.G. only dropped to 1.026. Since this batch was so hot can I stabilize it now and rack it to begin clearing or do I need to complete the fermentation? I used Montrachet yeast in a yeast starter. Thanks for any help.
That's about 15% alcohol. Not sure where Montrachet runs into difficulty, and could not find a number in some quick searches on the web.

Out of interest, what's the temperature of the wine?

Regardless I suspect, you're not stuck, you're done.

The temperature was at 68 degrees. I did find some info on the montrachet that said its not a good high alc. yeast.

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