Stirred Up sediment when racking to bottling bucket

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Jan 5, 2010
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I am trying to bottle a WE green Apple Riesling which I stirred up sedimate transferring to the bolling bucket. The bucket is currently covered. Should I rack back to carboy or will it settle out in the bottling bucket? If I rack back to carboy should I add camdne tabs? The wine was crystal clear priot to racking.

I am also going to bottle a WE Peach Apricot Chardony today so I need to do something with the Riesling in the bucket.

id rack it back and let it set over night to clear again. be very carfuly when u lift it next time bf racking to bucket so u dont stir it all up again.....dont know enought to advise on adding anythign..
I would rack back to the carboy and stick a 2x4 under one side of it to tip it. This way all the sediment will fall to one side making it is to rack back to your bottling bucket in a few days. Be very careful not to let your racking cane to hit the sedment this time.
We had the same problem the other day with a gallon of apple strawberry. It was crystal clear but the second there was any movement of liquid from the syphon action the lees said, "hey wait for me" and joined the ride. We put it back to clear again. The lees seemed sooo light and fluffy. I wonder if time will make them heavier to prevent a similar occurance.

I racked back to carboy and there is now an airspace equivalent to a bottle of wine. As long as it only sits a day or two I should be alright...correct?

I decide to wait until tomorrow to bottle the Peach. Had enough for today.


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