Stabilizing with sodium metabisulfite for aging

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Apr 26, 2020
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I have reached bottling time for my first kit, a Cru International Australian Cabernet w/ skins. The kit already had me do a stabilizing step where I dissolved the two including packs of sulfite and potassium sorbate. Considering it is a Cabernet Sauvignon, I hope to let some of these bottles age for several years. The wine kit instructions do not mention how long I can let it age, but my starter kit (bucket, carboy, etc) instructions say to drink within one year. I have a bunch of sodium metabisulfite. Should I add some of this to ensure that my wine is stable, or were the included stabilizers in the kit enough. If so, how much should I add and how? Thanks.
I would bulk age in the carboy for another 3 months or longer. rack again in three months and add 1/4 tsp K-meta for 5 gallons. if desired can bottle at that time. alternative go another three months rack again add 1/4 tsp then bottle.
Thanks. So the problem I have is that I have another wine kit I'm waiting to start and only have one carboy. Is there anyway to avoid aging in the carboy for 3 more months, or would I be better off just bottling now and drinking within the year?

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