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  1. Q

    Stabilizing with sodium metabisulfite for aging

    I have reached bottling time for my first kit, a Cru International Australian Cabernet w/ skins. The kit already had me do a stabilizing step where I dissolved the two including packs of sulfite and potassium sorbate. Considering it is a Cabernet Sauvignon, I hope to let some of these bottles...
  2. M

    Brewing Additives Timeline reference for begginers.

    Hi All, I (like many other newbies out there) really have no idea when to add what, and what goes with what, and how much time I shall wait after I have added "what" (the element) etc.. until I end up with a ready to consume product. Therefore, I wanted to take the initiative to start this...
  3. Ignoble Grape

    Stabilizing: Add potassium sorbate?

    So I made a second batch of orange/raisin wine and it underwent spontaneous MLF. Wasn't thrilled with the final flavor, so back sweetened with 1.5 cup sugar dissolved into 1 cup water and added about 3 cups of Brandy. It's nice now and I added 1 crushed Camden tablet. Ready to bottle. Do I...
  4. Nova_Scotia_Canada

    Topping up help

    Hi all, Tomorrow I'll be stabilizing and degassing my wine and the clearing will be the day after (following the kits instructions). The instructions also say to top up with a similar wine after the clearing. I don't want to have to buy a similar wine to top up my kit. That will double my costs...
  5. R

    Lots of ?????'s

    Didn't learn my lesson last year when I lost a few bottles of some great blackberry wine 'cause I didn't add potassium sorbate or a campden tablet prior to bottling. Now an equally great plum wine I just bottled has popped a cork-- I'm sure its the same problem. OK now I learned...