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Sep 19, 2012
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This year I'm doing two medium batches of pinot noir and a barbera sangio blend. I usually ballpark my sulfites by adding 1/4t initially, then another 1/8t whenever I rack and then bottle. It's worked well so far. However pinot seems to be sensitive to it based on what I've read.

So I'm a little cautious. I don't like inaccurate strips or color charts like the accuvin but won't drop 270 on a vinmetrica. Any other method I can do to track so2?

Note I said track, not calculate. I have a good calculator for sulfite additions based on pH and existing so2. But over time with aging and it sitting there, doesn't some free so2 absorb? I want to make sure I'm hovering around 35 mg/L throughout my process.

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