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Dec 28, 2009
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I have 5 gallion of sov. blanc that I pitched 9 days ago at 1.8 and it is now at 1.5, seems to be still working, is this a problem?
It does seem a bit slow, mine usually ferment out in 5 to 7 days, but I am at 75 degrees. In my limited experience, if it is still fermenting, it's ok. Nature has no time line. I would test the SG in two days, if it is still dropping, let it be. If it is still at 1.050 then u might have a problem.

Some say stir it up, but most kit directions do not mention this. If it is a kit, I do not want to give you bad advise, I usually flollow the directions to a T. But the skeeter pee and chocolate strawberry port, I stirred daily. Actually the chocolate strawberry port I stirred it 2x a day.
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well there you go, no worries!! ;)

When I take an SG reading I make sure to try and degass the sample as the bubbles can mess with the reading.