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Jan 2, 2016
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I started a gallon of rhubarb wine over a week ago at sg 1.085, temp 72. 2 days later it was just at 1.072 so I added another packet of yeast in case the first was old (even tho I had just bought it) and 2 days later I am at 1.06. Is this unusual?
How you will know when the fermentation if over ?
Check it with a hydrometer regularly. The decrease in specific gravity will slow down and eventually stop after the sugar in the wine has been converted to alcohol or the level of alcohol has become so high that the yeast can't survive. This is usually in the neighborhood of 0.996. With fruit wines I sometimes like to stop fermentation a little higher than that. A little sweetness adds to the "fruity" taste of the wine.
It's still in the primary fermenter for 1 1/2 week now. I will add some nutrient, tho I did initially and watch and see. Thanks.
What is your must temp? May need to heat it up a bit, get a proper starter going, use 1118 and pitch it in a must with the proper nutrient.
I've also got some slow rhubarb brewing. Started in Dec. It fermented pretty good at first, after racking it slowed WAY down. It still pushes a bubble thru the airlock, but VERY infrequently. The SG seems to have stopped around 1.002 and holding. Temp is about 75. I've added yeast energizer and even a bit of hydrated RC212 last week, I've stirred it every day. No change. Most of my other fruit wines have gotten to .990 - .994 pretty quickly. This sucker is taking months.

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