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Dec 13, 2009
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I just finished bottling my first batch of pee. My wife and I both really like the taste. My batch was made with a starter and by following Lon's recipe...thanks Lon! I see that different flavors of pee can be made by using a slurry to start fermentation. So, on to my question....

Rather than making an entire batch that gets a particular flavor from the donated slurry, does anyone here make a full batch of "regular" lemon-flavored pee, then flavor individual bottles by adding a little beverage syrup (or maybe snow cone syrup)???
I actually think you have the right idea. What I would do, and there are probably going to be other ideas on this, is to take a can of your favorite frozen juice concentrate, heat it slowly so it reduces by about a fourth, or ot, and use that as a backsweetner. be sure to use sorbate and be sure the fermentation has stopped before doing this or you could end up with exploding bottles.

I don't use slurry when making my pee but like to add a can or two of undiluted frozenconcentrate in the begining, it seems to add a nice shot of flavor.
I have my Skeeter Pee bottled in 12 oz bottles. I want to have a few different flavorings on hand to select from to flavor an individual 12 oz bottle just prior to drinking. I'd rather do it this way as opposed to flavoring an entire batch with the same flavor.

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